Comment policy + community guidelines

I’m gonna say it right here, right now: disagreement is allowed; acting oppressively is not.

Feminism means a lot of things to a lot of people, but this is what it means here: feminism is the movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression. bell hook’s vision of an inclusive, loving feminism has been one of my biggest influences, and I hope to promote that as much as I can on this blag.

And a loving feminism means intersectionality. No-one will truly be free while sexism, racism, homophobia, classism, transphobia, dyadism, ableism, imperialism, or any other oppressive system is in place. Feminisms that support oppressive systems might as well not be there at all.

Privileged groups — for example: men, white people, cis people, able-bodied people, westerners, neurotypical people, those who are financially secure — can and do suffer at the hands of the kyriarchy, However, that suffering comes only as the side effect of being on the dominant side of a master-underling relationship. It is not nearly to the extent of marginalized groups’s suffering, and to try to pass it off as such is both dismissing and insulting.

And so here come the rules. Please follow them, for I have no problem taking mod action against violations.

  • Use trigger warnings for links and text.

  • Try not to use demeaning gendered/marginalizing slurs. If you must, censor them like: c**t, or the t-word.

  • There is no excuse for either promoting or excusing bigotry. Intent ain’t a magic force that makes all offenses better.

  • If you aren’t a feminist, aren’t versed in feminism, or are ‘on the fence’ about feminism, then you should not be answering questions about feminism. Feel free to ask questions, but there is zero tolerance for explaining on behalf of feminists, shouting down feminist responses, or explaining what feminists really think. It is condescending and rude.

  • Check your privilege and be respectful towards the opinions and struggles of groups outside of the majority that you may have otherwise been unable to experience or perceive. Asserting a position of unexamined privilege warrants a warning and explanation for those unaware of doing so. Continuing to do so, particularly in dismissing the validity of less privileged perspectives, merits a ban.

  • Participate in good faith. You lose the face you’re trying to save when you can’t admit when you’re wrong.

  • Remember you’re talking to real people – think to yourself “is this something I could see myself saying if I were face to face with this person? Please keep this xkcd comic in mind at all times.

  • Be aware that your actions do have an effect on others despite what your intentions may be.

  • When your problematic behaviour is pointed out, do not become defensive. Instead, listen to what others are saying and apologise as necessary. Consider apologies as a three step process: apologize without qualification, do the necessary work to understand what your mistake was, and don’t repeat it.

  • Don’t assume anyone’s pronouns. If there’s any doubt, use “they” or ask.

  • Please speak for your experience, and yours only.

  • Do not fetishize other people’s experiences. The concept of an exotic other is dehumanizing and overall creepy.

These are the rules for both this blag and the #feminism irc channel on the Foonetic network,

These rules were heavily inspired by the rules for the ##feminist irc channel on the Freenode network,

Thank you very much.