In “memory” of TERFs and their crepuscular movement

You know, sometimes I have the urge to use the same discursive violence on TERFs that they use on us. Misgender, degender you, and call you a man with all the implications thereof. But then, of course, my feminism stops me.

Violence begets violence, yeah. And this isn’t a substantive protest either; in the same way that Catherine Brennan responding to every person who disagrees with “says the man” isn’t substantive. Because using “man” as a pejorative, in fact, misses part of the point of feminism, the freedom from exploitation, from stigma for everyone.

That, and of course, I don’t need discursive violence to know that you’re wrong when there’s plenty of valid evidence out there. Like that your philosophy doesn’t explain what you might consider to be edge cases, the lives and bodies of intersex people. You put all your faith in a non-binary, imperfect system of “biological sex markers” without knowing the science behind it.

And, of course, let’s talk about the demographics of your movement. It doesn’t directly invalidate your argument, but I laugh at the complete dearth of women of color, neurodiverse women, disabled women, financially insecure women, survivors of abuse. You’re on the whole a bunch of honky pendejo jerkoffs crying about your losing of privilege.

You use the historical oppression of “Woman”, a class you fallaciously derive, as if all those experiences belong to you and happened to you personally.

You ignore any feminist thought that isn’t Raymond, Daly, de Beauvoir, or Greer. You’re stagnant is what I’m saying, and you seem to operate under the perverse fallacy that your movement isn’t on life support, that you have any chance of survial in an incrementally more intersectional world. Your under a fantasy that when we call you a trans* exclusionary radical feminist, we actually consider you to be feminists, as opposed to merely tolerating your self-identification.

Good luck in your sunset years.

11 thoughts on “In “memory” of TERFs and their crepuscular movement

  1. This TERF is financially insecure and has been living at/below the poverty line most of her adult life. This TERF is not neurotypical. This TERF is a survivor of severe, repeated abuse and multiple rapes.

    My closest TERF friend? She’s disabled, permanently and totally, and she is non-neurotypical. She is also an abuse survivor.

    What are you on about?

    • I stand by what I said, on the idea that there aren’t many of us (financially insecure, neurodiverse, abuse victims, people marginalized on an axis other than misogyny) in your movement.

      And people keep coming up, to offer themselves as tokens. “I’m not that privileged.” “I know who wrote that, and she’s not white.” But I’ve never seen any substantive group by marginalized TERFs, for marginalized TERFs.

      It’s as if you’re still stuck in the 80s, waiting for a more bigoted Audre Lorde to come up and say “your tokenizing of us, your putting us aside until you need an alibi for your ism is wrong.”

      Now, wanna handle any of the other criticisms?

    • So then why exclude trans* people, considering all the exclusion that we as neurodivergent women (yep, I’m one too) face?

      It’s possible to be less privileged in some areas and still be privileged in others. So your recitation of your personal oppressions (as sorry as I am for the discrimination and pain that you’ve faced) doesn’t seem to defend (in fact, isn’t really relevant to) your stance on trans* inclusion – a stance implied in your own use of the TERF label.

      So what are YOU on about?

  2. Well, when Brennan misgenders people, she *is* trying to hurt them, but she’s not saying that “man” in and of itself is derogatory (I don’t think). The implication of “says the man” in response to a statement about misogynistic oppression (or which Brennan is trying to portray as being about misogynistic oppression even if it’s actually about transphobic or some other form of oppression) is that the statement was made from a position of privilege, maybe that it’s an example of mansplaining. Of course, that argument on her part becomes that bit less acceptable and that bit less valid when she’s referring to a woman – cis or otherwise – or a non-binary person.

  3. Don’t forget TERFs’ constant dismissal of facts. When I post articles about the science behind gender, it’s dismissed as “biased” even when they provide incontrovertible proof, such as brain scans showing gendered nerve structures. The response is always something about penises, even though they claim genitals are unimportant.

  4. Much like trans feelings, this post rests on the idea that simply declaring something makes it true.

    The “hahaha, my team is more oppressed than your team, neener neener” part made me shake my head so much it dropped off.

    • Let me translate this from the original douchebag:

      “I’m unable to take the lived experiences of millions of people seriously and empathize with them.

      I’ve never done any research to see that gender-variance has existed in various spots through time.

      I’m a cultural imperialist who has no problem telling Native peoples that cultural institutions like being two-spirit are wrong and fake.

      I am wilfully ignorant of the large amounts of discrimination that trans* people face with regards to housing, employment, familial acceptance, health care, etc. I am unaware of my complicity in these situations due to my and my peer’s activism against ENDA, against UN recognition of gender identity, and so forth.

      I am so badly informed about sociological ideas that I shouldn’t really call myself a feminist at all.”

      Fuck off and go back to your hole, grue.

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